Sundar Narshing Joshi

Namaste !

Kathmandu Khel Mandal popularly known as New Road Team is one of the pioneering organization in the field of sports since 1934 A.D. It is the oldest club in Nepal and carries long history in Nepalese sports journey especially in football and cricket.

It is a great honor to be the president of Kathmandu Khel Mandal (NRT). The role has offered me the opportunity to strengthen the legacy of our club.  I would like to thank every member and players of the club for their efforts and commitment to uplift club in every possible way. Your support and dedication has always been significant in achievements of club. Achievements of our club are incomplete without support from our well-wishers and partners as well.  Now, time has come to work together to uplift the sports arena and create history so that we leave new rays of hope to our next generation, therefore on behalf of executive committee (board) I request you all for your support in upcoming days.  

As our aim is to produce excellent players for our nation and support and develop sports genre. This year our focus is in discover (finding) young talent from different parts of country, train and equip them with our experience and knowledge and increase play ethics and standard in national level.  With this note, once again I would like to thank you all for your support and expect to work together in days to come.